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Success Stories: TMJ- Jaw Disorders
Nashville TMJ

"I used to grind my teeth and it affected my whole mouth. Now that I have the splint, I no longer experience the pain from grinding and I can sleep much better. Ive been very happy with Dr. Urbanek and I would recommend him to everyone with TMJ pain."

TMJ Franklin, Nashville, TN

"I have had ringing in my ears for 16 years. I started noticing it after I was rear ended while driving so I just assumed it was due to the crash. After sixteen years The ringing had gotten severe, I started having ear pain and was having such impact on my hearing the ENT recommended a hearing aide. I finally heeded my dentist's and the ENT's suggestion to go see Dr Urbanek. After the initial consult I was rather shocked to find out that I had so many more symptoms that could be attrubuted to TMJ such as the numbness and tingling in my arms and hands and neck pain. After wearing the splint I am amazed at the difference it has made. No more numbness and tingling, no more ear/jaw pain, no more neck pain and the ringing was so much better. I am still amazed that something so small could result in such dramatic reduction in my symptoms and improve my quality of life. Now I wish I had not put it off for so long. It was well worth it." A.R. 

TMJ Franklin TN
"I've had a multitude of issues relating to uncomfortable pressure, lock jaw, popping of the jaw, ringing in the ears (Tinitus), and snoring over the past 20 years. I knew I clinched my jaw during driving or other stressful situations and environments which is one of the causes to these symptoms.. I researched multiple solutions and gimmicks, but truly want a professionals recommendation and advice. After two months of continuous use, the split that was made for me has completely removed over 90% of my symptoms." C.Y.

"I was having severe jaw pain in jaw popping and was referred to Dr. Urbanek by another Doctor because I was clueless on what to do or where to go. I was told I needed to see a TMJ specialist and I asked my Doctor to send me to the best he knew, and he was a 100% correct, Dr Urbanek and his staff are the best.

I went from 0 to 100% with Dr. Urbanek's mouthpiece which had made t
o fit my mouth and my needs. By listening and doing everything he told me to do, it was well worth it. Now I don't have to feel pain anymore. The mouthpiece looks and feels a lot like my own top denture and it didn't take long to where I got comfortable wearing it. I can't thank Dr. Urbanek and his staff enough for everything they have done for me! So again thank you all." -Penny

"After many years of jaw pain, I began to experience severe ear pain. After visiting my local dr, I was referred to Dr. Urbanek. Dr Urbanek quickly diagnosed me with TMJ and had me fitted with my medical device. After 3 months of wearing the device most of the pain had diminished only to return. Dr Urbanek feared that I might need surgery but after several months of routine care, I am happy to report that I am symptom free. No ear pain, no jaw pain, and no headaches. Thank you for allowing me to live pain free!" -Bethanny


"Thank you Dr. Urbanek and staff for helping me alleviate pain in my jaw due to TMJ condition. Wearing the splint at night was easy and showed good results within a short period of time."   Thank you, 

"In the beginning; I was experiencing severe jaw, ear, and headaches. After seeing Dr. Urbanek and wearing my splint for only a month I was experiencing less pain. Within 6 months, I had no pain. I recommend Dr. Urbanek and his office staff to anyone who is experiencing these symptoms. The office staff is most efficient and friendly." 

"Wow! My jaws work with no pain, no grinding and no air hose sound in my ears. I had never heard of TMJ and was somewhat frightened when I learned I had this condition on both sides of my face. Dr. Urbanek and his staff assured me if I followed his instructions to the letter I would be as good as normal in 6 months. It pays to trust your doctor. 
I’m back eating regular foods with no pain or discomfort. Don’t be afraid. You’re in the best hands ever!"

"I was referred to Dr. Urbanek by my mother and have been very happy with my experience! I am almost 23 and have had TMJ issues as long as I can remember. I received a mouth guard from my dentist when I was 19. However, this was only preventing me from clenching my teeth. The guard did not make the pain go away. 
After seeing Dr. Urbanek and deciding to invest in a splint, 2 months later I am pain free. My headaches are gone. I am very grateful to Dr. Urbanek and his staff!  They have helped me become pain free and prevent future problems!"

"I came to Dr. Urbanek with severe jaw pain and TMJ issues.  Within 3 months of wearing my splint I am virtually pain free.  I appreciate Dr. Urbanek and his staff.  I will most definitely refer family and friends to this office."

"I can't believe that last July when I walked through those doors that within the next 9 months I would be a completely different person.  I never imagined a splint working as great as it does.  I no longer have the pain that I once did.  I am very pleased with my success and appreciate everyone's help and encouragement."
~ S.F.
"I became a patient in April 2012. When I was first told my migraine headaches and ear pain was a direct result of me having TMJ I was in disbelief. And when Dr. Urbanek told me a little piece of plastic would stop the headaches and ear pain i wanted to laugh. I had been having pain since i was 12 years old and I am 36 now. But after just six weeks of treatment my headaches and ear pain were at least 75% gone. Thank you!"

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