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Success Stories
TMJ Nashville Franklin TN“I am thrilled to finally have relief from my TMJ! My experience with Dr. Urbanek and his staff has been wonderful. Everyone is so friendly and willing to offer help and a listening ear! I had suffered with TMJ for more than 15 years. The worst part was that I had never been told that all of my ear trouble was directly related to the TMJ. I went through 3 sets of tubes in my ears and treated for an average of 4 ear infections per year. All along it was my jaw causing my ear troubles! Dr. Urbanek took the time necessary to explain the causes and treatment process to me. I received my splint in a couple of weeks and noticed tremendous relief of my symptoms almost immediately. Today I estimate that I am 98% symptom free!!! Thank you Dr. Urbanek and staff!

TMJ nashville Franklin tn 

 "I have had headaches for nearly my entire life and at a young age I began to grind my teeth and lock my jaw. I always just took over-the-counter meds for the pain and discomfort. Finally at the age of 24, I decided to see a specialist after talking with my dentist and I am so pleased to have found Dr. Urbanek. Honestly, I was skeptical at first thinking that there's no way this will help and 4 months later I don't go a night without my retainer. I hardly have any headaches anymore and dont wake up in pain from grinding. If you have any symptoms of TMJ, Lock Jaw, headaches, or grinding I would suggest at the VERY least coming in for a consultation! Best decision I've made for my overall health"

TMJ Franklin Nashville TN
“It's never too late to get the device! I wore braces for a while which helped temporarily. The main symptom I had was the tightness in my facial muscles which I thought I could control by taking muscle relaxers. Those are awful and I could not function while taking them. I had terrible headaches which I thought was a sinus problem. While at a doctor's office I saw a pamphlet about TMJ and the symptoms it can cause. I realized that I had TMJ and left the doctor's office. I went online to search for a TMJ doctor and came across Dr. Urbanek. He made one of his devices and after wearing it for only 3 weeks I can tell a huge difference. He told me that he would allow me to sing again in the choir. Thanks to his device I am now singing again and my headaches are gone. The device has changed my life. Thank you"

TMJ Nashville Franklin TN

"I can't believe how much better I feel after just a few months! Dr, Urbanek took the time to explain to me what was happening to cause my jaw pain and told me that I would feel a huge difference within a few weeks. The popping in my jaw has almost completely stopped and the pain is almost non-existent. The TMJ splint is definitely worth every penny I spent"

TMJ Nashville Franklin TN
“Amazing Product, Wonderful Staff, Amazing Dr. Wow! What an amazing device that Dr. Urbanek has created! I went from having several headaches, jaw pain, next pain, teeth & mouth pain to very minimal to no pain after wearing this device for 10 weeks! My jaw no longer pops when i talk or eat. I can eat without jaw pain! It is truly amazing what such a device can do in 10 weeks! I highly recommend Dr. Urbanek to any and everyone! I tell everyone how wonderful my experience here has been because it truly has been a great experience! The staff are all great, helpful and down to earth! Cannot say enough good things!"

TMJ Franklin Nashville TN

“ No more jaw pain. I was having clicking in jaw and lots of pain when jaw would lock. Had difficulty eating due to jaw pain. Googled jaw pain and Dr. Urbanek's website came up. Listened to tutorials about TMJ and emailed to schedule appointment. After 3 weeks pain was less after 9 weeks pain was gone!" S.P.

"Before meeting Dr. Urbanek I'd suffered jaw pain and locking for years. In just the first 3 weeks I haven't felt any jaw pain at all. The headaches, dizziness, and other symptoms have all but disappeared as well. It's night and day from before receiving my device. I can't thank Dr. Urbanek and his great team enough!" Katherine

TMJ Nashville

"I was having severe jaw pain in jaw popping and was referred to Dr. Urbanek by another Doctor because I was clueless on what to do or where to go. I was told I needed to see a TMJ specialist and I asked my Doctor to send me to the best he knew, and he was a 100% correct, Dr Urbanek and his staff are the best.

I went from 0 to 100% with Dr. Urbanek's mouthpiece which had made to fit my mouth and my needs. By listening and doing everything he told me to do, it was well worth it. Now I don't have to feel pain anymore. The mouthpiece looks and feels a lot like my own top denture and it didn't take long to where I got comfortable wearing it. I can't thank Dr. Urbanek and his staff enough for everything they have done for me! So again thank you all." -Penny

"After many years of jaw pain, I began to experience severe ear pain. After visiting my local dr, I was referred to Dr. Urbanek. Dr Urbanek quickly diagnosed me with TMJ and had me fitted with my medical device. After 3 months of wearing the device most of the pain had diminished only to return. Dr Urbanek feared that I might need surgery but after several months of routine care, I am happy to report that I am symptom free. No ear pain, no jaw pain, and no headaches. Thank you for allowing me to live pain free!”" -Bethanny

"Oh my there are no words to describe what Dr. Urbanek and his TMJ splint has done for me. From being in constant pain and not being able to eat all the things that I love to eat to now just three weeks into my splint I am almost pain free. I can eat things I enjoy again. I would recommend Dr. Urbanek and his wonderful staff!!!!!!!" Vicki G.

TMJ Disorder

"I experienced every one of the symptoms that Dr. Urbanek said was directly related to my jaw joint for 25-30 years. Headaches, ear aches, neck pain, jaw pain, ringing in the ears, and vertigo- literally every one! I visited numerous specialists for the pain with no relief or proper diagnosis. His device has worked perfectly! After only 3 weeks I am 100% pain free! My husband and I were able to go on a vacation and I was finally able to enjoy myself without pain. I am glad I found Dr. Urbanek! He has made my life"much easier!" Barbara B.

"I am extremely excited about this device! I can't tell you how long and how severe the pain was. After just 2 months, I've had a 90 percent decrease in pain and a 100 percent increase in quality of life! Thanks Dr. Urbanek and Staff!" - Kellie Simmons