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Facial Nerve Reconstruction

The nerves that give feeling to the lower lip, chin and tongue are called the inferior alveolar and the lingual nerve. If the nerves are injured or damaged, you may experience numbness. Extensive facial trauma and injury during the surgical removal of third molars are the most frequent causes of nerve damage. If pursued during the first twelve months after the incident, nerve reconstruction may be a treatment option.

Nerves are repaired with the assistance of a microscope during a surgical procedure. The intra-oral approach for bridging a traumatic lesion is relatively easy, but the grafting under a surgical microscope takes several hours to accomplish. This type of surgery takes place in a hospital setting on an in-patient basis. Microsurgical Nerve Reconstruction procedures have been performed successfully for over twenty years. If you have recently lost sensation in your lip, chin or tongue, make an appointment today for a complete evaluation.

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