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Dr. Urbanek's 6 Reasons Wisdom Teeth Are Not Wise

Wisdom Teeth Removal, Nashville, TN Dr. Urbanek

1.  Damage, (decay and bone loss) to adjacent teeth
Wisdom teeth adjacent to the second molars can cause decay on the second molar where they make contact and the bone between the two teeth can be lost causing loss of support for the second molar and eventual loss of the second molar.

2.  Infections
A partially exposed but impacted wisdom tooth gets bacteria and food under the gum but above the tooth.  This is hard to keep clean and eventually can cause infection, sometimes severe enough to put the patient in the hospitalwith their face all swollen.

3.  Crowding of the anterior teeth
The lower impacted wisdom teeth pushing on the adjacent teeth in front of them can cause the lower front teeth to be crowded and crooked.

4.  Cysts
Large cysts can form around impacted wisdom teeth that eat away large sections of the jaw without actually causing any pain until major reconstruction on the jaw is necessary.

5. Benign tumors
Large benign tumors can act just like the cysts and erode large areas of bone of the jaw and may even cause the removal of large sections of the jaw.

6.  Very very rarely, cancer
Cancers can form in the areas of chrocic infection around wisdom teeth.  They are very very rare, but I have actually seen this happen.


  Dr. Urbanek Says...
"The best time to have wisdom teeth removed is between the ages of 14 and 18."